Want to Shape and Strengthen Your Body Without Overly Complicated OR Boring Workouts?

This easy-to-follow results-driven program will help you transform your body and take your fitness to the next level.

What You Get:

  • Over 3 months of done-for-you workout programming - suitable for beginner and intermediate exercisers - to fast track you towards your goals.  
  • Booty shaping, fat blasting, AND you get to pick things up and put them down!
  • How to create your own effective and time-efficient workouts on the fly.
  • Simple nutrition guidelines - no, you're not required to give up cookies or meat to get results with this program.
  • 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • I could start to see results within the first couple weeks. The only change I made at the time was using the blueprint. The program is great and the best part is that the plan and common sense behind it are sustainable for years to come!"

    Bridget Murphy

  • Finally got a chance to really read through your Fit Body Blueprint.   It f**ing RULES, bro.”

    Amber Rogers

    "Go Kaleo" Blogger/Health Coach/ Personal Trainer
  • The Fit Body Blueprint for Women is wonderful! Sean’s no-nonsense program is easy to follow and appropriate for all levels of fitness.  The Fit Body Blueprint  is helping me gain strength, confidence, and well-being for life. "

    -Christine Green

    Freelance Writer; New York
  • I LOVE the Fit Body Blueprint.   I’ve always been a cardio girl – I’d cardio forever and could never make resistance training “stick”.   A lot of the reason was that I did not really know HOW to even begin.
    Now, I go to the gym and I don’t mess around. "

    Cyndi Halfast

  • "I've really liked the program. I haven't been too technical with measuring progress, but I can tell you that I'm down to about 134 from 138 without trying to lose any weight. I have an 8 month old baby but I'm now fitting into clothes that I haven't fit into since I had my first baby almost 4 years ago. "

    Courtney Fox

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